High-efficiency Toilet Upgrade Program

Ultra High - Efficiency Toilets Save Water & Money

The Center for ReSource Conservation is offering an ultra high-efficiency toilet without the hassle of the standard rebate process through a low-cost installation.

Did you know that more than 25% of your monthly water bill is likely flushed down your toilet? Save thousands of gallons of water each year and keep money in your pocket when you upgrade your toilet to an ultra high-efficiency Niagara Stealth toilet through a cost-share program.

We are working in conjunction with the Center for ReSource Conservation to provide our residents with the 0.8 gallons per flush Niagara Conservation Stealth Toilet. Using advanced technology and innovative design, this toilet uses as much as 66% less water than a standard toilet, significantly reducing your water bill every month.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • You must be the property owner or have the property owner sign a waiver prior to the install
  • One toilet upgrade per property/per year
  • The property must receive water from the City of Lafayette
  • The rough-in of your current toilet must measure 12" or more

Installation Options:

  • $150 for direct install of toilet, removal of old toilet, recycling of old toilet.
    • The full service option by technicians from the Center for ReSource Conservation includes removal of your old toilet and installation of the new high-efficiency model for the total price of $150. Recycling of all porcelain is included.
  • $65 for self install of toilet, (new wax seal provided).
    • With self install option: new toilet will need to be picked up (see CRC's website for dates of next pick-up) and must bring along the old toilet that you are replacing, with the seat and all non-porcelain fittings from inside the tank removed in order to receive the new toilet.
Sign up today or call 303-999-3824 to schedule an installation.
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