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April is a busy month here at the library—we will be celebrating National Library Week and the great services provided by our nation’s public libraries. We’re taking the month to highlight one important aspect of library service; access to quality information and assistance in evaluating the seemingly endless stream of "information" we encounter in our daily lives. With this in mind, we present two important programs for your consideration:

  • Laurie Chin Sayres, Director of Media Literacy at Labragirl Media will be providing a presentation for parents on April 17th called "Seeing Without Believing". This interactive talk empowers parents to walk away with an understanding of how to rise above the manipulative language of the media, with new approaches on how to make decoding media messages fun and meaningful.
  • On April 24th, Andrew Calabrese presents "Can We Fight Fake News?" What defenses do we have when public figures use social media to mobilize their agenda through deception and manipulation? “Fake news” is nothing new, but the speed and scale at which false or misleading information travels is unprecedented. What forms of media literacy and civic competence are needed to engage with this new reality?
    Calabrese is a professor of a professor of media studies in the University of Colorado’s College of Media, Communication and Information. His research and publishing focus on media and citizenship, media literacy, media policy, and uses of digital media for social justice activism and nonviolent civil disobedience.

Finally, we’ll be stepping away from news and media for Lafayette naturalist Martin Ogle’s presentation of Getting Kids Outdoors: a Primer for Parents on April 26th, as part of our "Lafayette READS!" community read program, focusing on "Last Child in the Woods" by Richard Louv. Encouraging our children to spend time in the natural world allows them the space to breathe, away from misinformation and manipulation, creating stronger citizens for our community.
Join us this month in celebrating the treasures we have in our community: our environment, our citizen scholars and volunteers, and our library.

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