Friends of the Library

Book and Heart
The Friends is a passionate 503(c) organization with a mission to raise funds to support the Lafayette Public Library. We love to share our enthusiasm for books, reading, and learning! Your support helps us achieve our mission. Join the Friends today!

Friends’ Book Sale

The Friends Annual Book Lovers’ Sale on September 24

netted $4531.24, which will be given to library programs.
Thanks to all who volunteered, donated, and shopped!

Special thanks to event coordinator Ginger McKay, and to all who volunteered: Anne Coakley, Anne DiPardo, Ben Peeples, Bepe Tomko, Beth Benidt, Betsy Stroomer, Bob Harada, Carolyn Curran, Catherine Harada, Cathy Zink, Connie MacIntyre, Courtney Messenbaugh, Dave Debra, Best, Donna Parsons, Alyson Miller-Greenfield , Ellen Smith, Henry Huang, Hiram Wolgemuth, Jenni Xian, Jim Gilbert, John Daugherty, Judy Stokes, Julian Alexander, Kathy Dolan, Laurie Lange, Leigh Schmidt, Marilyn Leist, Marsha Ruggieri, Marty Frick, Melissa Hisel, Michelle Lieng, Mike DiPardo, Nancy Daugherty, Olivia Ameigh, Rosemary Leist, Ryan McCallan, Sarah Dodson-Knight, Shirin Tuck, Shirley O’Leary, Sue Middleton, Susan Kintzle, Susan Nagle, Terri Saia, Thomas McCallan, Valerie Friesen, Warren Hite.